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completed projects

INDOT University Online
INDOT University Online (2015-2022)
  • Established an online university for the Indiana Department of Transportation

  • Learning Management System Hosting: Moodle - 8,995 Users

  • Instructional Design: Created courses (asynchronous and hybrid) and trained Talent Management new hires to become instructional designers

  • Site Support: Established a help desk for the Learning and Development team

  • System Training for Staff: Trained Talent Management new hires to become instructional designers

  • Migrated course content from Moodle to SuccessFactors (Learning Management Systems)

  • Site: (active until Sept 2022)

211 Call Center
211 Call Center - FSSA (Spring 2021)
  • Onboarded call center new hires for the 211 vaccination hotline (Remote, Instructor-Led Training)

  • Worked with a team of consultants to make recommendations for process improvement

  • Site:

Courses created

  • Loan Processing

  • Loan Setup - Appraisals

  • Loan Setup - Disclosures

  • Loan Setup - Internals

  • Post Closing - Credit SOP and Legal Stacking

  • Business Communication: Process Product

  • Marketing

  • Management

  • Sanitation and Safety

  • Special Event Management

  • Critical Findings

  • Employee in Responsible Charge (ERC) Basics

  • ERC Bridge Inspection

  • ERC Recertification

  • Hubspot Overview

environmental services
  • Accidental Discoveries

  • Bats for Field Investigation Personnel

  • Building a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

  • Categorical Exclusions (CE) and the NEPA Process (CE Document Form Overview)

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

  • NEPA Refresher (Environmental Policy & Cultural Resources)

  • Migratory Bird Treaty Act

  • Red Flag Investigation

  • Right-of-Way Engineering Procedures

  • Storm Water Quality Training (Legal Background, Waterways, Rule 5 Permit, Parts of Rule 5, Erosion Control, Sediment Control, Other Pollution Prevention, Communication, Work Management Plan, Storm Water Football - Gamification, Storm Water Management Process, Pollution Prevention Impacts, Hotspots, Compliance, Inspections)

human resources
  • Building and Leading an Organizational Culture Through Change and Innovation

  • Career Exploration and Planning

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Generational Differences

  • Inclusion and Belonging

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Lilly - Policy Mandatory Training

  • Onboarding New Hires

  • Psychological Safety

  • Respectful Workplace

  • UCB Educator Call Resources

law (biotech inovation)
  • Biotech Operations

  • Coverage and Coding

  • Healthcare Spending

  • Fraud and Abuse in the Delivery System

  • The Fuel for Investment and Innovation

  • Overview: Healthcare Spending

  • Overview: Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Investigations

  • Overview: Wrapping It All Up - Individual Student Hypothetical Presentation

  • Constitutional Protection

  • Constitutional Protection for Sexual Orientation and Sexual Activity

  • Unenumerated Fundamental Rights

  • Individual Rights

  • Selective Incorporation

  • State-action Doctrine

  • Economic Liberty

  • Consideration II

  • Performance and Breach I

  • Performance and Breach III

  • Derivative Works and Compilations

  • Idea Expression Distinction

  • Section 102: Copyrightable Subject Matter

  • Useful Articles Separability

  • Computer Software

  • Zalewski Case

law (international trademark registration)
  • Absolute Grounds for Deceptiveness

  • Absolute Grounds of Descriptiveness

  • Absolute Grounds Related to Flags and Rights of Publicity

  • Absolute Grounds Relating to Functionality

  • Comparative Cancellation for Other Grounds

  • Comparative Non-Use Cancellation Timelines and Requirements

  • Comparative Post-Registration Methods and Practicing Post-Registration

  • Definiteness and Other Absolute Grounds

  • Geographic Indications

  • Policy

  • Registration Maintenance - Types of Maintenance

  • Worldwide Trademark Picture

  • Copyright and Trademark

  • Open IP

  • Section 230

  • Best Interests of the Game Power

  • Decency Standards

  • Drug Testing in High School Sports

  • Homeschooled Students and Athletic Participation

  • Liability for Camping, Golf, and Skiing Activities

  • Other Applications of Player Punishments

  • Representation of College Athletes Agency Responsibilities

  • Strikes, Lockouts, Collusion Protest

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act and Accommodations for Athletes

  • The Limits of Assumption of Risk in Sports

  • Trademark and Copyright Ownership

  • Transgender Athletes and Legal Challenges

  • Writing for practice

  • Industrial Enzymes: Enzyme Exposure Assessment

  • Industrial Enzymes: Tisch Calibration Exercise

Transportation (AASHTO-TC3)
  • Air Content by the Pressure Method

  • Basics of Concrete

  • Concrete Testing

  • Density Yield and Content

  • Introduction of Concrete

  • Making and Curing Test Specimens

  • Sampling of Concrete

  • Slump of Fresh Concrete

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